Waste and what you can do

Tourism contributes to increased waste

One of the reasons tourists visit Flores is the spectacular nature. Many visitors complain about waste in Indonesian environment. Organising waste management in Indonesia is a huge challenge. Indonesia has more than 17.000 islands and approximately 54.600 Km coastline. You can imagine how difficult it is to set up the logistics for a waste system. Other factors contributing to the waste problems are lack of drinkable tap water. Drinking water is distributed in plastic bottles. Another factor is the widespread use of single-use packaging. The Indonesian government and other stakeholders are collaborating on solving the waste problems. The National Action Plan on Marine Plastics Waste Management has been activated in 2017 and is expected to improve the situation within the coming years.

Waste management in the tourism sector is supported by Indonesian Waste Platform

What can you do ?

  • Bring your own refillable bottle – in many locations you can find filling stations. In Indonesia these locations are listed on the website of Refill My Bottle
  • Bring your own reusable shopping bag
    You can refuse plastic bags in shops.
  • Refuse plastic straws and disposable plastic cutlery, bring your own reusables
  • You can volunteer to join beach clean-ups – just contact our coördinator Marta (Ica) Muslin
    When you visit one of Flores National Marine Parks on a live-a-board just bring some karung (large waste bags) and go and clean up with the crew.

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