Capacity building workshops, networking & branding

In 2012 we started developing the branding for the Flores Homestay Network, designing logos and website. Then we focussed on networking and capacity building of community members from villages which were interested to join the homestay network. We organised three trainings,  in 2013 in Bajawa and in 2014 & 2015 in Leda near Ruteng.

The curriculum for community training on Flores was developed by Dr. Stroma Cole, at University of Westminster, former senior lecturer in tourism geography at the University of the West of England. Stroma conducted the first two trainings and 2015 was given by Marta Muslin, Anita Verhoeven, Gemma Sollis, Arie Saridin and Nina van Toulon.

Training topics include Interaction with tourists, Land rights, Gender equality, Positive and negative impact of tourism, Sanitation and hygiene, Safety, Economics, Food, Identify local tourism assets, Code of Conduct, Waste Management, Basic standards

Workshop participants received a certificate after successfully completing the training.

As follow-up professional volunteers – mostly graduates from University of the West of England – lived in the participating communities to support them for skills development – basic English, sanitation, formulating a Code of Conduct and establish a rotating system in order for all participating hosting families to benefit equally.

Workshops & volunteer placements


Since 2012 we have organised networking events with a focus on sustainable development on Flores, which included working group sessions on sustainable tourism

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