Flores cultural heritage

Flores cultural heritage is divers and fascinating. There are people who did extensive research on Flores. We recommend these books and research publications in case you like to understand Flores in depth.

There are three Manggarai districts. In the past it was one kingdom. The Manggaraian culture is beautifully documented in The Manggaraians: Vanishing Cultures of the World by Maribeth Erb.

If you have a chance to read this book before coming to Flores it will help you to understand much more of what you will experience while travelling through Manggarai.

To understand much more about Ngada culture I recommend you read Tourism, Culture and Development: Hopes, Dreams and Realities in East Indonesia by Stroma Cole

Ngada and Nagekeo used to be one district till 2007. Ngada has a matrilineal culture, a man moves into his wife’s home and becomes a part of her family. All property descends through the female line and upon marriage. Clans in Nagekeo have either patrilineal or matrilineal culture.

Sikka was the residence of the former Kings of Sikka. This has been documented by E.D. Lewis in the ‘The Stranger Kings of Sikka