Flores Mountainbike Trail

For Mangrove & Bird lovers…….

Maumere – Reroroja 35 km – mostly flat – or ‘false flat’ and some steep slopes on the way. A great day trip for nature lovers.

Reroroja is a small desa, about 18 homes, all community members are related to Babah Akong, an environemtal hero who sadly passed away some years ago. He and his family have successfully rehabilitated the Mangrove which had been destroyed when the 1992 Tsunami hit this region. When you visit the village just ask for a tour across the Mangrove and please leave a donation for their conservation efforts. The tour through the Mangrove is so impressive. You traverse a swamp with lots of seedlings in the Mangrove nurseries and then you cross a 300 meter bamboo bridge through the Mangrove. The area is teaming with crabs, bees and birds. There are two watch towers along the way, just climb up to overlook the area. At the end you see a small lake and after that… pristine beach where sea turtles breed and where pelican stop over during their migration (only twice a year!) Ask the family if you may see the library. Once inside you will see the recognition for Babah Akong’s accomplishment – he received many awards for his conservation work. The community was supported by Wetlands and Partners for Resilience

Eco Flores promoting mountain biking in 2014 in Maumere, with support of the local army and navy bases

Leonardus Nyoman at Flores Exotic in Ruteng is an expert at biking tours – video by Alwine van Heemstra

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