Code of Conduct

Flores traditional culture is divers and we ask guests to respect the local code of conduct. This code might differ from village to village. In general these are some common ways to show respect to local community members.

  • Dress conservatively: please avoid having your knees and shoulders bare. This means no very short pants or skirts, and sleeveless, transparent or low-cut tops.
  • Being intimate/ showing affection (e.g. kissing) should be avoided in public areas and in the homestay.
  • Unless washing publicly in the traditional way (with either long shorts for men or a sarong for women) please use enclosed facilities for your toilet and bathing.
  • If travelling as a couple, guests should state that they are already engaged (Bertunangan) or married (Menikah). Otherwise you may be placed in separate rooms or be turned away.
  • Guests should not give children money, sweets or toys. This encourages them to beg and makes it hard for us to maintain discipline. Donations in the form of books would be very much appreciated at the local primary school.
  • Please behave quietly while walking through the village at night. Guests are asked to return to their homestays by 11 p.m.
  • Consumption of alcohol: in Muslim communities alcohol consumption is not appreciated; in other homestays alcohol consumption is allowed, however guests are asked to not behave in a drunken, disorderly manner.
  • Guests should always be friendly and open towards the locals and respect the local traditions.
  • Those who attend church during Sunday mass are asked to be respectful, sitting quietly and not taking photos.
  • Ask your host if you can wander outside the village and unaccompanied by a local. Hosts feel responsible for your safety. Please ask your hosts for assistance.
  • Help us keep our village clean. Try bring a reusable bottle. Place your waste in appropriate containers and please take used batteries with you, the villages do not have a safe way of disposing them.
  • Please do not mistreat cultural artefacts, local facilities, or flora and fauna. If you would like to collect wild or cultivated plants to bring home with you, please ask for permission from a local elder or your host first.

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