Homestay Werong – Lelak

Homestay Werong-Lelak is located up the hill off the main road from Labuan Bajo to Ruteng, at the junction of Ketang take a left and follow that road up to the village.

If you are interested in agro-tourism then this is the village to visit ! There are two waterfalls, views on many Linko, great hiking area, guests can participate in basket weaving, farming, cooking and much more.

This video was made in the village. It tells the beautiful story of how a whole village got into organic farming by working together with the local NGO Ayo Indonesia. They are planting all sorts of vegetables now. The video gives a good impression of the village, even though spoken mostly in Manggaraian language. More information about organic farming and Ayo Indonesia you can find on

This film was made by Alwine van Heemstra, for Eco Flores

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