Homestay Tado – Pusut

Pusut is one of the 12 small villages part of the Tado Clan and territory. The Tado Clan’s traditional social structure is still very much respected and influences important aspects of local life.

Tado is located in a plateau. Here the climate is quite dry making it difficult to grow produce that is otherwise abundant in Flores such as coffee, cacao and palm sugar. These products and fish are very much a staple food in local diet and are bought at the Lembor market, about a half an hour motorbike ride from Pusut. Rice, vegetables and fruits are however produced locally and often picked from the host’s garden and fields. You can ask your host if you can join when they travel to the local markets.

The Tado Kampungs have been organized into two Desas. Currently, in each desa there is one Kepala Desa, a head of village elected by local government who acts as a government representative. One of Tado’s unique characteristics is that although there are 12 kampungs, and these are split into 2 desas, a majority of local village residents see themselves as one clan and answer to one leader, the clan chief, Tu’a Golo.

How to get there

Pusut is easily accessible from Labuan Bajo. The journey, bus or travel car, takes around 1.5-2 hour. Most transport will stop by the village of Dahot and you may have to walk one kilometre to Pusut or perhaps get a motorbike (Ojek) to drive you.

• Public transport from Labuan Bajo to Dahot leaves every day. Guests are recommended to catch transport in the morning or noon as transport becomes scarce later in the day.

• When returning to Labuan Bajo or continuing on to Ruteng, a travel car may be arranged by the homestay group. However you can easily catch public transport by Dahot.

The following code of conduct has been established together with the homestay families and members of the community. All visitors to the homestays should follow these rules. Thank you for your understanding!
  • We ask our guests to dress conservatively: please avoid having your knees and shoulders bare. This means no short pants or skirts, and sleeveless, transparent or low-cut tops.
  • Being intimate/ showing affection (e.g. kissing) should be avoided in public areas and in the homestay.
  • Unless washing publicly in the traditional way (with either long shorts for men or a sarong for women) please use enclosed facilities for your toilet and bathing.
  • If travelling as a couple, guests should state that they are already engaged (bertunangan). Otherwise you may be placed in separate rooms or be turned away.
  • Guests should not give children money, sweets or toys. This encourages them to beg and makes it hard for us to maintain discipline. Donations in the form of books would be very much appreciated at the local primary school.
  • Please behave quietly while walking through the village at night. Guests are asked to return to their homestays by 11 p.m.
  • Consumption of alcohol in the homestays is allowed, however guests are asked to not behave in a drunken, disorderly manner.
  • Guests should always be friendly and open towards the locals and respect the local traditions.
  • Those who attend church during Sunday mass are asked to be respectful, sitting quietly and not taking photos.
  • Visitors are asked not to wander out of kampung Pusut unaccompanied by a local. We feel that the safety of our guests is our responsibility. Please ask your hosts for assistance.
  • Help us keep our village clean. Place your waste in appropriate containers and please take used batteries with you, as we do not have a safe way of disposing them.
  • Please do not mistreat our cultural artefacts, local facilities, or our flora and fauna. If you would like to collect wild or cultivated plants to bring home with you, please ask for permission from a local elder or your host first.

Ceremonies and celebrations

The majority of Pusut is Catholic or Christian and they have one chapel. Sunday church is popular and takes place from 9 to 10 a.m. All guests, regardless of religion, are welcome to attend mass. It is asked that this is done quietly and that no photos are taken.

Weddings, baptises and other events are often carried out from July to October which coincides with tourism peak season. It is has been generally agreed that visitors wanting to stay in Pusut will be pre-warned if there is such an event and that their hosts may not be fully available during that time. Meals will still be served at set times but guests will often be invited to attend the ceremony (and are at liberty to either decline or to only stay for a short period).

Sacred sites

Kampung Tado, now deserted, lies at the top of Gunung Golo Leleng. The Tado people have a strong link to this place, as this is the location of the first Tado clan. It is asked that guests who wish to see this site either ask their hosts to accompany them or to take part in the trekking activity. Furthermore, there are number of communities untouched by tourism on the way to Tado, and it is expected that guests should be accompanied when passing through.

The Tado area is largely abandoned and could do with some restoration to some of the old houses and the church. It was discussed weather some of the funds from tourism could be used for this purpose. At the moment the top of Golo Leleng is governmentally owned and as such allocating funds is a complex matter and requires meetings and agreements with the local government office and representatives. However, it is understood by the group that this could be an option in the future.

The Caci dance, although performed for tourists, is still very much a part of Manggaraian culture and plays an important part in ceremonies throughout the Tado Kampungs. These are not publicised to tourists however they are happy for tourists to witness these, when they occur, at no charge.

Protection of Cultural and Spiritual Lives

Pusut’s local culture must be respected by visitors and as such it was agreed that guests should learn appropriate village conduct such as:

• Bow and lower your right hand when walking through groups of people.

• Always give, pass and accept objects, and greet with the right hand.

• It is important to accept drinks and food when offered to you, however you do not have to finish what was offered.

Activities for guests

Ikat and Tikkar Weaving | Pottery | Wood carving | Weaving of Bamboo walls and frames (Gedek) |

Traditional Medicine | Trekking to Golo Wesa and the Linkgo Fields and to Golo Leleng and Tado


Jeremias Uril 0813 8070 9223 – central contact person

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