Homestay Gurusina

Homestay Gurusina is located in the valley below the slopes of Mount Inerie. The village can be reached from Bajawa by car, motorcycle or public transport (autokol) within one to two hours. Follow the signs toward Bena and drive approximately 25 km until you see a large sign marking the road to Gurusina.

On 13 August 2018 tragedy struck in this ancient village, home to 33 families. One house caught fire and the fire destroyed 26 houses in the village. Only 7 houses remained. There were no casualties, however the families lost all, they lost their belongings and also much of their identity regarding the precious history of their houses relics related to their ancestors. People from all over Flores sent relief goods – food and clothes – and soon after the community was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Education to rebuild Gurusina village.


Since the restoration of the village has been completed there are 10 families who open their homes for guests. When you arrive you need to register yourself. There is a rotating system to ensure that all families have equal numbers of guests.


The coördinator in the village is Ibu Kristina. For reservations you can use the button below.